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Alice Beginnings
Awaiting Alice is Jackie McCormick & Laura Chrisco. Founded in 2008 during one of the hottest summers in Texas, we found ourselves camped out in a 1920s Sear's kit lake house built by Laura's great-grandmother, perched on Lake McQueeney, and equipped with no AC, no TV, no internet - eventually we figured out dial up kerrrrrshhhh-beeep-eeeeep-arrrrp, no mailbox, and no neighbors under the age of 80 (cocktail hour started at 4pm with our wonderful next doors, the adorable and sprightly King's both a young 84). The smell of the 4ths fireworks still hung in the air over the lake, and BINGO season at the Lion's Club was in full swing.
Somewhere in between seeking refuge for cool air at the local library, looking for real jobs in Austin, and our daily canoe rides around the lake, Awaiting Alice started as a thought on the deck during a Mayfly storm. With time and dial up internet at our leisure, we grabbed a bunch of fabric flowers and started experimenting. Designs quickly followed and with the help of Etsy, within a month we had shipped items to Canada, across the US and as far away as Hong Kong. Shortly thereafter we made the move to our beloved Austin and have been pumping out jams and jewels ever since. Awaiting Alice now lives and creates in both Austin and Los Angeles.

JACKIE is an illustrator and graphic designer and paints to shake all those ideas out of her head in place of words. She feels most at home in a library or a cobblestone street, gets jazzed by handwoven textiles, is kind of obsessed with finding new (to her) music, and gets lost in conversation, philosophy, books, and now on every street corner in LA.
LAURA just picked up the banjo, is an incessant reader of mostly foreign travel memoirs, speaks/dreams in Spanish, recently returned from an epic trip to the seas of South Asia, and once cycled from Austin to Anchorage Alaska (but she would never tell you that because she is very humble). She recently became a momma to her hilarious (to Jackie) standard poodle named Obi Juan Kenobi.


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